KINGROON KP3S DIY Kit de Impresora 3D impressora 3d Actualizado Directa Extrusora TMC2225 Controlador de Doble Metal Carril de Guía 180*180*180m m

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KingRoon Impresora 3D KP3S Directa de la Unidad Extrusora de Doble Refrigeración Silencioso Ventiladores de Doble Metal Rieles de Guía 180*180*180 mm Pantalla LCD Táctil *tenga en cuenta que hay dos colores de rieles de guía de KP3s disponible, el cual será enviado al azar.Los Parámetros del producto Número de Modelo:KP3S Construir Tamaño: 180*180*180m m Tecnología:FDM Boquilla Cantidad:1 Diámetro de la Boquilla:0.4 mm resolución de Impresión:0.05-0.3 mm de Diámetro del Filamento: el 1.75 mm Aplicable Filamento: PLA/en MADERA/de TPU de la Boquilla de la Temperatura:≤260C Semillero de Temperatura:≤110C la Velocidad de Movimiento:≤200 mm/s Velocidad de Impresión:≤100 mm/s 20 mm-60 mm/s muy recomendable Imprimir a Través:USB/TIF de la Tarjeta de Tipos de Archivo Soportados:STL/Obj/Gcode la Compatibilidad del Sistema:Win7-10/Mac/Linix Software:Cura/Slice/Host...Idioma de pantalla:CN/DE/ES/RU/JP/FR/IT Potencia de la Máquina:240W Voltaje de Entrada: el 110v-220v fuente de Alimentación: 24V15A360W Filamento Motor:Actualizable Nivelación Automática:Actualizable 3D Toque Reanudar la impresión, después de una potencia :Red de Soporte de Peso:6kg Máquina de Tamaño: 280*285*370 mm Tamaño del Embalaje:400*390*200mm Peso Bruto: 7.45 kg

  • Rebanada De Software: Cura,Repetier-Host,simplify3d
  • La Tecnología De Moldeo: FDM
  • Nivelación Automática: No
  • Voltaje: 110-220V
  • Nombre De La Marca: KINGROON
  • Formato De Archivo: G-code,OBJ,STL
  • Máximo Tamaño De La Impresión: 180*180*180 mm
  • La Certificación del CE: Sí
  • Velocidad Máxima De Impresión: 110 mm/s
  • Grosor De La Rebanada: 0.1-0.4 mm
  • Diámetro De La Boquilla: 0.4 mm
  • Peso bruto: 7.45 kg
  • Peso Neto: 6KG
  • Sistema Operativo: Win7-10/Mac/Linix
  • Máxima Velocidad De Trabajo: 150 mm/s
  • Consumibles De Diámetro: 1.75 mm
  • Número De Modelo: KP3S
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Reanudar la Impresión Después de apagado: Sí
  • Tipo De Interfaz: SD
  • Idioma: ES/CN/RU
  • Cama Temp: ≤110C
  • Pantalla LCD: 2.4" pantalla táctil
  • Fliament: PLA/en Madera/de TPU
  • La Velocidad De Impresión: 20 mm-60 mm/s muy recomendable
  • Fuente De Alimentación: 24V 15A 360W
  • Diámetro De La Temp: ≤260 ° C
  • Precisión: ±0,1 mm


Maria Shabaeva | 2020-11-11

It came well packaged, could not see any damage to the printer, unfortunately once it was assembled and turned on that is when issues started. 1. A puff and smell of burning came out, found stepper drivers had burnt with it the board. 2. The aluminium 2040 and z axis wheels had flat spots, wheel was damaged and aluminium had flat spots from it being screwed on too tight. 3.the T8 screw coupler screws did not fit. With that being said KingRoon have sent me replacement parts, still waiting for them. I would advise anyone to check the stepper drivers and ensure the heatsink is not touching any of the pins in stepper drivers, once I took them out found this to be the case in most of them. Also they tin the cables in the board.

5 / 5

Olga Song | 2020-12-09

Delivery quickly, the printer is quite for a non-adversarial user, the first my printer, started printing minutes after 20 after opening the box... All would be norms, but on the 3rd day broke the Z axis driver the motor does not respond to the commands, changed the driver places with the extruder all works, the extruder respectively No, the driver's output creaked, with drivers, the problem is not everywhere is available, if you take the printer, just in case, order a pair of drivers, That b then do not wait a couple of weeks for the benefit of rubles for 350 all the current now the driver ordered and waiting, and I do not master the world of 3D printing))))

5 / 5

Russkaya2011 | 2020-12-04

Very good product as I ordered, deliver a little fair but came very well everything. The only hit I can put on it is that they squeezed the Z-axis wheels so tight that it gives me a few jumps and a weird noise but I guess with the use they'll be fixed or changed. Product highly recommended.

5 / 5

Washingtonfamily | 2020-12-06

Delivery J-net do not take out. She sends the goods to the CE, and this office will pull the rubber. As the order arrived at their warehouse in my city, they were delivering it to me for a week. In general, the printer is not bad, very noisy cooling fans. The fan on the thermo-wrestling works always and does not turn off, even when Holand is cold. Grandfather with a flash drive complete PLA printed well (a little knots are visible on the case). Test cubes PLA and ABS printed. ABS printed without cooling, a little floated X in Cuba. Sizes pleased and, in principle, stand under the coil from the kit comfortable.

5 / 5

Margaritakoleva | 2020-11-25

Delivered in 8 days. A good small printer, if you do not want to print large parts, then the very thing. Perfectly fits on the desktop. Out of the box prints satisfactorily, but you still need to customize both the printer and the slicer. Of the minuses: oooochen loud fans of blowing and cooling hotend, they are immediately replaced! Then it will work quietly at all.

5 / 5

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